Detecting a Water Leak in Your Home

Water is such a precious commodity in many places around the world, yet we seem to take advantage of it much of the time. We take excessively long showers, water our lawn for extended periods of time, leave the water on while brushing our teeth, etc. And one of the biggest offenders of wasted water? Leaks. Whether it be a dripping faucet that only leaks a few drops per minute or a leaking pipe, many people are wasting thousands of gallons every year without even batting an eye. Some water leaks may be more difficult than others to detect, but we encourage you to be proactive in finding them and taking action. 


Because leaks are such a common issue that frequently go unnoticed, there have been systems created to detect these leaks:


Passive Leak Detection Systems 

These systems are typically powered by a stand-alone battery-operated device that creates a noise when it senses moisture. These alarms will grant the homeowner the ability to find exactly where to the leak is occurring.


Leak Detection System

This will sound off an alarm when it detects leaks, but will also automatically turn off the water. Other systems have a moisture sensor and flow sensor to monitor. The two types of active leak detection system you can buy are:

Whole House Systems- These sense all leaks in your home, and will cut off all water supply to your home if any leaks are detected. A whole home system with more moisture sensors will send a signal to control the valve using a radio signal or by a wire connection.

Individual Appliance Systems (IAS)- This type of system observes leaks from one single device that has the ability to automatically turn off any water supply to appliances.


For those without a water leak detector appliance in their home, you can still do it the old-fashioned way…
Simply by looking! You should examine your home frequently in these specific spots:

  • Kitchen (check for leaks on faucet, dishwasher, water heating system)
  • Laundry room
  • Backyard/irrigation system
  • Garage and basement area (water systems or evaporator cooler)
  • Pool/Jacuzzi
  • Bathrooms
  • Patio


Contact Al Terry Plumbing & Heating

Unfortunately, leaks are not something that will self-correct or go away with time. Ignoring them and putting them off will only cause further complications down the line. If you do find a leak in your home, big or small, contact our team of experts at Al Terry Plumbing & Heating for assistance!


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