Efficient Modern Furnaces

Upgrading a home heating system may be the best overall way to save energy as a homeowner. It makes sense and it’s simple, because as competition drives every market, new furnace systems are improving and can now save up to 47% more energy than other, older models.

Newer, more modern furnaces don’t use as much energy when idle, they more effectively distribute heat, and can use fuel more intelligently. Each of these factors added up means that you save money.


Older systems often use a manual lit standing pilot. During the cold season, this means that the pilot is constantly running. While it may be small amounts, the continuous flow of fuel burning does add up.

Fans & Drafts

For a very long time, natural draft systems were used, but over time, they have become inefficient. These natural draft systems often worked by pushing out harmful gases and bringing in clean air for burning. New modern day furnaces have simply been incorporated with fans which outperform the natural draft systems.

Comfort Levels

With new technology incorporated into heaters, they are now able to provide increased comfort in a home. More even heating is now possible, so instead of a possible 5-6 temperature degree range in your house, it can be held to a 2-3 degree range. Heaters can now reduce the range between when it turns on and switches off.

Modern day heaters are vastly better than older ones. If you are thinking that you could benefit from an upgrade, please give Al Terry Plumbing & Heating a call at 603-485-4205 or fill out our online contact form.

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