Filter Change

furnace filterThe winter is finally over and it is time to prepare for the beautiful weather of summer, while still enjoying the springtime. One thing to do to ensure that your house is ready for the summer is to make sure the air quality is clean. Summer weather is a wonderful change of pace from the cold temperatures of the winter. Windows can be left open and the summer air can fill the house, but with good weather comes heat waves. This is where our air conditioning units come in handy.

During the winter, our furnaces are used to heat the house. Filters within the furnaces help capture dust particles, pet dander and other airborne bacteria. Over the course of the winter filters can collect a lot of buildup, and if they are not changed they can get clogged. When this happens it takes extra effort for the furnace to push air through to the house, and usually the particles that the filters capture will get through if the filter is not changed. When your furnace is working twice as hard, it usually results with your bill rising and you having to pay more money.

When the seasons change from winter to spring, that is a good time to change your filter. After the winter months is when filters have run their course. This is because heating is used a lot during the winter. Depending on the size of your filter, changing them every couple of months (or when the seasons change) is all you need to do. To be extra careful, and ensure perfect airflow, checking your filter once per month is good practice.

Changing your filter is the best way to prevent bacteria from entering your house. In addition, it will help save money on electricity bills as your furnace will not waste extra energy to push air through a clogged filter. Al Terry Plumbing, Heating and AC provides excellent air conditioning services. They range from cleanings, tunes ups and repairs to installations of all heating, air conditioning and plumbing systems.


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