Advanced Ductless
Mini-Split Solutions in NH

Expert Heating and Cooling Solutions
from Al Terry Plumbing & Heating

Advanced Ductless
Mini-Split Solutions in NH

Expert Heating and Cooling Solutions
from Al Terry Plumbing & Heating

Ductless Mini-Split Solutions for Ultimate Comfort

Ductless mini-split heating and cooling systems are gaining popularity for good reasons. While you may have seen these sleek units high on walls in various settings, there's more to them than meets the eye.

Enjoy Savings of up to $500 on the Installation of a New Mitsubishi Mini-split System, Along with a 5-Year Warranty!

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Experience year-round comfort and enjoy significant savings through the modernization of your HVAC system. At Al Terry Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning, and Electric, we prioritize advanced technology and expert installation to enhance your comfort and efficiency. We're excited to elevate your tomorrow, starting today.

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Our Commitment to Your


5-year warranty on all new installations
AND 2-year warranty on all repairs!

Why Choosing A Ductless Mini-split System Is A Smart Move:

Unmatched Flexibility

Unlike traditional HVAC systems, ductless mini-splits deliver conditioned air directly into specific zones. With a compact outdoor unit and easily mountable indoor units, they're a versatile solution for homes, condos, apartments, and even commercial spaces. They excel at providing targeted climate control without the need for extensive ductwork.

Effortless Installation

Unlike the lengthy and intrusive process of installing ducted systems, ductless setups are quick and non-disruptive. In some cases, they can be up and running in just a day. With minimal piping requirements, there's no need for extensive renovations, preserving valuable living space.

Economical Operation

Ductless mini-splits translate to substantial savings on utility bills. These systems operate on less power and eliminate energy losses associated with ducts. Homeowners can also create customized temperature zones, avoiding the need to condition unoccupied spaces. Plus, potential tax credits and rebates further sweeten the deal.

Environmentally Responsible

Ductless mini-splits not only excel in energy efficiency but also contribute to a reduced carbon footprint. They adhere to stringent ENERGY STAR guidelines, surpassing federal efficiency standards. Additionally, the use of R410A refrigerant, known for its low impact on the ozone layer, underscores their environmental responsibility.

Enhanced Indoor Air Quality

Traditional HVAC systems can harbor dust and allergens even after professional cleaning. Ductless systems, however, feature multi-stage filtration that significantly reduces airborne particles. Mitsubishi Electric units even come with washable filters for easy maintenance.

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Al Terry Diamond Contractors-
The Heroes of Electrified Comfort

Are you searching for a qualified, highly trained contractor to install or service your Mitsubishi Electric variable-capacity heat pump (VCHP)? Look no further. By working with a Diamond Contractor®, you’ll be working with a technician who’s deeply versed on our technology and equipped with the training to get the job done right.

Why Buy From a Diamond Contractor?
Make Yourself Comfortable with an Authorized Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractor

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When it comes to the installation of a new ductless mini-split system, you deserve the best service! We have been selected as a Diamond Contractor because we value the highest level of certification, training, and hands-on expertise. Mitsubishi Electric has selected the finest and most knowledgeable HVAC contractors in the industry to provide you with superior sales, installation, and service support possible.

We have invested time to professionally develop our skills at one of Mitsubishi Electric’s approved training centers located through-out the US. Only approved contractors that have attended Mitsubishi Electric’s training classes and demonstrated advanced product knowledge are awarded the coveted status of Diamond Contractor. The status is evaluated every year and Diamond Contractors must demonstrate their continued commitment to serving customers in order to renew their status.

Mitsubishi Electric provides an industry leading 12 year factory warranty protection to back-up their unmatched performance and product quality. The only way to get a full 12 year warranty is purchasing and installing your Mitsubishi Electric product from an authorized Diamond Contractor.


Highly trained and skilled in ductless sales, installation, and service


Diamond Contractors service all the Mitsubishi Electric products they sell and are supported from the factory


HVAC specialists with years of experience in the industry


Purchasing equipment from an Diamond Contractor ensures you get genuine parts when repairing or replacing a component


Experts at recommending the right system for your home to maximize energy efficiency


Mitsubishi has experienced sales, service and technical personnel located in each region to quickly resolve issues on a local level for Diamond Contractors


Only Diamond Contractors can offer you a 12 year factory warranty


Diamond Contractors must be licensed, bonded, and insured for added peace of mind


Diamond Contractors get ongoing product, maintenance, and installation training directly from Mitsubishi


Diamond Contractors must sign a Code of Conduct agreement that focuses on providing superior customer service and support; before, during, and after your equipment purchase

Restoring Comfort: Ductless Mini-Split Repair Experts

Experience seamless comfort with our top-tier ductless mini-split system repair services. Our experts specialize in diagnosing and quickly resolving issues with precision and efficiency.

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If you already have a ductless mini split system in your home, you are surely a big fan of comfort, customization and cost savings. Still – these complex systems do require expert maintenance to operate at maximum efficiency. You would not skip a car service, so do not neglect your air-conditioning system either! As a Mitsubishi Preferred Diamond Contractor, our specialized ductless mini split system experts will schedule an appointment at a convenient time and provide industry-standard repairs, while providing sound recommendations on how your family can stay warm and cool all year around.

Trust us to revive your mini-split system, ensuring it runs at peak performance and keeps your space perfectly conditioned.

Contact Al Terry Plumbing, Heating & AC today to learn more about our expert air-conditioning system repair solutions.