Heating System Energy Rebates in NH

A new heating system symbolizes an essential and important investment in your home. If you have an aging system and are worried that it may need to be replaced soon, there is some good news for you! In addition to saving money on fuel costs when you upgrade to a newer, greener, and more efficient system, you may also be eligible for energy efficiency rebates.

New Hampshire offers programs that are available to homeowners that offer significant rebates when upgrading to high-efficiency heating systems (95% or higher). Since most older systems function at around 80% efficiency, upgrading means that you’ll instantly start saving on fuel costs and energy bills!

Many homeowners do not know that rebate programs even exist, let alone how to find them and successfully apply for them. While signing up for these programs may be cumbersome, it is extremely worth it; the potential savings are substantial.

Here is some important information on programs available in New Hampshire, along with some information regarding the best time of year to apply and how you can get help submitting a successful application.

The first thing to take into consideration is that available financial incentives generally begin to run out before cold-weather season is fully under way. Spring can be a better season to take advantage of potentially huge savings on a new heating system. (For energy-efficient air conditioning upgrades, start looking for rebate availability around February in the winter months.)

Energy Efficiency Rebates for Replacing Your Heating System

In New Hampshire, the energy-efficiency incentive program is administered through the NHSaves program with participation from utility providers Eversource, Unitil, Liberty Utilities and New Hampshire Electric Co-Op.

The NHSaves program is passionate at helping NH residents save money. They connect homeowners with savings on heating and AC systems fueled by electricity or natural gas since they are more environmentally friendly than oil or propane-fueled systems. Though New Hampshire does not offer a standalone rebate program for oil or propane customers, participants in the federal home performance with ENERGY STAR weatherization program may be eligible for rebates on qualified oil or propane systems.

The NHSaves website also provides tips on additional ways to conserve energy, reduce fuel costs and a lot more!

Programs in New Hampshire offer rebates on energy-saving furnaces, boilers, water heaters, central air conditioning systems, central heat pumps, mini-split heat pumps, wireless-enabled thermostats and 7-day programmable thermostats.

Also, the federal government offers potential income tax credits for energy efficiency through its ENERGY STAR program. Consulting an accountant is generally your best way to determine eligibility. Meanwhile, here is some additional information from the Department of Energy about the full spectrum of potential tax credits and rebates.

How to Apply for Savings on a New Heating System

The program detailed above are intended to be easy for homeowners to navigate. However, as is sometimes the case with state and federal bureaucracies, it can be challenging to cut through all the red tape to access the information you need and submit a successful application.

That’s why your best bet is to work with a heating contractor that:

  • Sells and services top-quality, rebate-eligible, high-efficiency systems and equipment
  • Shares up-to-date information on what equipment may be eligible for savings and what programs homeowners can access to realize those savings
  • Up-to-date with their licensing
  • Provides hands-on assistance in helping homeowners fill out the necessary paperwork

At Al Terry Plumbing & Heating, we’ve been helping homeowners save money by upgrading to more energy-efficient systems since 1976. And an important part of that commitment involves going the extra mile to help you secure any rebates or financial incentives for which you may be eligible. Remember there are no guarantees but we’ve seen savings as high as $3,000!

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