Plumbing Problems that occur during the Summer

From the rainy season of spring to the beautiful summer weather is one of the best times of the year. Home owners often start working on home improvements as being outside is so enjoyable. While the summer may not be known as a big plumbing problem time of the year, there are often a few plumbing issues you should be aware of.

  • Clogged Waste Disposals: The summer usually means a lot of laid back time with family and friends. One thing people seem to do when they hangout with friends is eat, eat and eat some more. Be sure not to get lazy in the summer when barbecuing, and keep those oils and grease out of your disposal. Just as a helpful tip, it may be good to run cold water through your disposal for about 15 seconds before and after use to ensure everything is clear.
  • Monitor Washing Machine usage: Grass stains on your shorts, changing clothes more often to remove your sweaty clothes and doing more activities will keep you needing to wash clothes more often then anytime during the year. Be sure to check for bulges, crack or leaks in your machines hose, and even think about pulling it a bit farther away from the way to create less tension on the hose.
  • Sewer Lines: As tree roots continue to grow from the surplus of rain during the spring, routes can actually cause backup issues as they get drawn to the water. Along with other problems that occur during the summer, one easy way to test weather your sewer line is backed up is from your toilet backing up into the bathtub drain.

Each season seems to bring their plumbing issues, but you just need to be aware! If you have experienced any of the problems above, please feel free to give us a call at 603.485.4205.

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