Plumbing Tip: Adjusting Your Sink Stopper

A sink stopper is a very helpful plumbing tool that keeps water from running down the drain. It is often used for washing ones face or to help with shavings. Overtime, unfortunately the stopped accumulates a random assortment of gunk and sometimes stops working properly. Luckily for you, you can most likely handle this little plumbing issue all alone. With the proper knowledge you can get your stopper working like it was brand new.

The reasons why stoppers go bad is either because it is mis-aligned or because it is clogged up with hair and other gunk. If your stopper is attached into the sink, this can be a simple fix to remove it. With a set of pliers, get under your sink and look for the nut which sticks out of the drain plumbing. There is a rod that come out of the nut and is actually connected to a bar leading up toward the faucet handle.Once you are able to loosen this nut, you should be able to remove the stopper from the pipe.

After geting the stopper out, a brush is necessary for you remove years of this buildup. After scrubbing all this gunk off the stopper, we also suggest getting in and cleaning inside the drain while you have it open.

Everything should back to normal, easy as that! Be sure to run some water through the drain and look under the sink encase you created a leak. After that you will be back in business. If after all these steps, you are still having a problem, please reach out the pros at Al Terry. We would be happy to talk as you may need a professional.

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