Reliable Residential
Pump Services in NH

Al Terry Plumbing and Heating,
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Reliable Residential
Pump Services in NH

Al Terry Plumbing & Heating,
Trusted Partners Since 1976

Understanding Well Pumps - Types and Reliable Solutions

In the U.S., many households rely on well pumps for water access. Choosing the right type is crucial for dependable delivery. Centrifugal pumps are suitable for wells up to 25 feet, using impellers and air pressure. Jet pumps, using an impeller and narrow valve, work well for shallower wells. Both types require proper priming. Deeper wells benefit from submersible pumps.

With years of hands-on experience, Al Terry Plumbing & Heating offers expert installation, repairs, and maintenance for your well pump. Contact us for a convenient assessment and optimized performance.

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Submersible Water Pumps Demystified - Your Essential Guide

Submersible water pumps, also known as sump pumps, are specially designed to work underwater. They operate using either air or oil, depending on your specific needs and the nature of the fluids being pumped. These pumps are tightly sealed to protect their electrical components from water damage and are invaluable in scenarios requiring consistent water removal. They are activated by a float switch that triggers the pump motor to draw in water, which is then expelled by impellers.

For households, submersible pumps offer numerous advantages. They efficiently water gardens, drain aquariums, and are crucial for rain harvesting setups, leading to cost savings over time. These pumps excel at extracting water from wells and boreholes, even from significant depths and tight spaces, all while using energy efficiently. Additionally, sump pumps are ideal for eliminating unwanted water, making them perfect for basements and flood-prone areas.

Choosing the right sump pump is crucial. Factors to consider include float switch type, pumping distance, and the viscosity of the liquid being pumped. Proper installation is essential for safety, including a reliable power source and unrestricted float switch movement.

At Al Terry Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning, our licensed professionals are adept at installing and repairing sump pumps with precision and safety in mind. You can rely on us to ensure your submersible pumps operate smoothly and keep your space dry.

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Experience Unmatched Comfort with Hybrid Heat Pumps

In the quest for energy-efficient and eco-friendly heating solutions, hybrid heat pumps have emerged as a game-changer. These innovative systems seamlessly combine the benefits of a traditional furnace with the efficiency of a heat pump, offering a versatile and sustainable option for year-round comfort.

Expert Installation and Maintenance:

At Al Terry, our skilled technicians are well-versed in the intricacies of hybrid heat pump systems. From precise installations to routine maintenance and efficient repairs, we ensure your hybrid heat pump operates at peak performance, delivering comfort and savings to your home.

Upgrade to the Future of Home Comfort:

Investing in a hybrid heat pump is not only a step towards a greener future but also a practical choice for long-term energy savings. Contact us today to learn more about how our plumbing experts can transform your home's heating and cooling experience with a state-of-the-art hybrid heat pump system.

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Sewer Ejection Pumps

Sewer ejector pumps are crucial for efficiently moving wastewater from lower plumbing fixtures, especially in homes with sinks, toilets, and laundry areas below the main septic line. They're also common in rural setups with elevated septic drain-field systems.

Here's how they work:  A sump basin, capable of holding about 30 gallons of wastewater, is installed in the ground. Each plumbing fixture is connected to this basin. When the basin fills, a floating device triggers the pump. It moves the wastewater up and into the main septic line. As the level decreases, the float turns off the pump.

For optimal operation, a vent equalizes pressure, an outlet pipe connects to the main sewer line, and a check valve prevents wastewater from flowing back. The basin must be tightly sealed to prevent odors and waste escape.

Sizes of sewer ejector pumps (measured in horsepower) and basin capacities vary. For a typical home, a ½ to ¾ horsepower pump and a 30-to-40-gallon basin should suffice. However, considerations may differ.

At Al Terry, we assist in selecting and installing the right sewer ejector pump for your plumbing system, ensuring efficient wastewater movement and an odor-free home.  Contact us today to request an estimate, and ensure your water flows without a hitch.

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