Preparing Your Heating System for Fall

With the warm summer months coming to an end, and the crisp, chilly nights of fall slowly starting to roll in, now is the time to start thinking about your heating system. You don’t want to wait until the first freeze to realize that there is an issue with your heating system. Use these tips to prepare your heating system and detect any issues early in the season.


Replace Filters

When filters get old and clogged, the efficiency of your heating system lowers substantially. To get more out our your heating system and save money, too you should regularly clean filters and replace as needed. Not only do old filters affect efficiency, but they may also be spreading mold throughout your home. For the sake of your family’s health, don’t ignore a dirty filter!


Check Vents and Intakes

To ensure that your system is getting proper airflow, you’ll need to make sure vents and intakes are not blocked by debris. Sticks, grass cuttings, weeds, and foliages may all be obstructing airflow. Make sure the area around the vents and intakes are completely clear for optimal efficiency. In the winter months, ensure vents are clear of snow. You’ll also want to check for any damage or deterioration. Inspect your fans to ensure they are running properly. Check for any electrical hazards and ensure that your unit is still securely fixed on the wall. Also be sure to check your dryer vents.


Test It

Luckily, the weather in New England typically doesn’t go from 90 degrees to freezing overnight. Mother nature usually gives us some time to adjust to the cold weather. This “in between” weather of Fall is the perfect time to test out your heating system and ensure it is ready for the winter months. It may take some time for it to kick into full efficiency since it has sat idle for a few months, which is why it’s a good idea to give it a few test runs before you’re freezing cold with minimal heating.


Call in a Professional

If your heating system doesn’t seem to be performing up to par, now is the time to get the assistance of a professional. You don’t want to wait until winter and risk being without heat for any period-of-time. Checking your system and scheduling maintenance in advance will save you from some cold nights in your future.


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