Spring Heating & Energy Saving Tips

With Al Terry Plumbing & Heating specializing in heating and air conditioning work, we have learned over the years about some important energy saving tips. With winter winding down, this got us thinking about some good spring savings tips.

  • – Look into washing or replacing your furnace and air conditioning filters. Cleaning one of your filters can help allow for better air flow which provides more comfort and also a lowered electric bill.
  • – Make sure that your entire heating and air conditioning systems are working properly. Al Terry Plumbing & Heating provides maintenance, repairs and installations to ensure that everything works in tip top shape.
  • – Consider taking advantage of warm days by hanging your wet clothes outside.
  • – With the days getting longer, try using natural light as much as possible. If you have light timers set, try changing them as it’s staying lighter longer in the day.
  • – Try opening your windows to create a cross breeze through your home. This an ideal way to cool your home during the spring rather then turning on your air conditioner.
  • – Another good way you can keep the temperature inside down is by cooking outside. Try to utilize your grill when possible during the spring and your home will naturally stay cooler.

While we are ready for the spring season to get underway, winter is unfortunately still here. For the last weeks, we suggest you follow some of our winter tips:

For more information on how Al Terry Plumbing & Heating can help you get ready for spring, feel free to give us a call at 603.485.4205 or fill out our online contact form.

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