Use Central Air Conditioning To Efficiently Cool Your House

New Englanders know how to appreciate the warmth of summer, but also know just how hot and humid it can get. On those 90 degree days, it can be best to appreciate summer from inside a chilled home. If you’re considering switching to CAC (Central Air Conditioning), you may be on track for a comfortable living environment this summer, regardless of how the weather might be outside. We have a few efficiency tips for you to keep in mind this summer when using your CAC unit. 


Ditch those clunky window air conditioners

By keeping them in your home they’re not only an eyesore from both inside and outside your home, they’re also more expensive to run. The cooling cost using a CAC is between 20% and 40% cheaper than the window option. Reason for this is the CAC recognizes when the home is warmer than it’s set to be, and addresses the issue by cooling it off till it reaches that desired temperature.Make the full transition to just CAC!


Make sure it’s been installed properly

For all the DIY centric people who plan on incorporating CAC into their lives, remember if it isn’t installed correctly then it could backfire. With so many factors like the make, model, and determining which locations will provide the best flow.


Take care of it

Once your CAC unit is installed, you’re not completely out of the woods. There is some maintenance to owning one of these. The easiest are cleaning, inspecting, replacing the air filter, and checking the thermostat settings. Other tasks may require skill, knowledge, and specific tools. These are tasks you’d typically call an HVAC specialist for, like the ones here at Al Terry Plumbing. For a seasoned veteran with experience in CAC call us today at 603-485-4205!


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