Why Should You Use a Professional Plumber Instead of Big Box Stores?

When it comes time to replace your bathroom faucet or purchase all-new fixtures for a remodel, you have several options. While it may seem like the cheaper option to head to a big box store and purchase the equipment that you’ll need to do it yourself, there are many benefits of going through a professional plumber instead. Your plumbing system is not something that you should skimp on; Plumbing issues or a major repair may cost you much more in the long run. A licensed professional will be able to provide higher quality products, have the expertise necessary for installation, and give you the peace of mind knowing it’s under warranty. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of using a professional plumber rather than a big box store for all your plumbing needs!

Better Quality Products

Have you ever run into a professional plumber at a big box store such as Home Depot or Lowes? Chances are, you haven’t, and there’s a good reason for that! Any professional plumber will tell you that value costs money, and using a local professional plumbing company is worth the extra cost. If you were to compare a stainless-steel sink from a professional to an equivalent one at the big box store, you’ll notice that it weighs significantly less, meaning it’s made with much cheaper materials. A sink made with low-quality materials is much more likely to scratch, chip and incur damage easier. 


Not only will you be getting better quality from a professional plumber that uses a local wholesaler, but you’ll also be getting a longer warranty. A professional sells products that they’re confident will last and therefore provide a longer warranty that guarantees you’ll be covered. The cheaper fixtures that you can find at a big box store will typically have a shorter warranty, leaving you with higher repair or replacement costs in the long run if something goes wrong. 

Installation Expertise & Knowledge

When you use a licensed professional to provide you with high-quality plumbing products, you’ll also get their expertise for quality installations. They have extensive knowledge and understanding of plumbing systems, and years of experience doing the installations and repairs you need. If something went wrong during the installation, or they detected an issue, they’d be able to fix it on the spot. Having a professional plumber do the installation will also guarantee the job is done correctly and protect your warranty. 

Contract any Subcontractors Needed for the job

If you’re doing a full remodel or new installation, there may be other subcontractors such as an electrician needed for the job. A professional plumber will have a network of other trusted and qualified contractors in other fields and be able to contact them for you. Having a team of licensed professionals complete the job for you will ensure quality products and installation! 


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