Ways To Get Your Home Ready For Spring

Spring in New England is here! While the temperatures are sure to fluctuate for a little longer, those 60 degree days are popping up much more frequently. Since there is so much to do around the house during this time of the year, Al Terry thought they could provide you with some chores that you may forget about. Stay organized and get ready for warm weather:

  1. Check your outdoor faucets for possible freezing. If they froze during the winter and you start to run the system, it could lead to cracking or water being pushed back up into your home.
  2. Check your sump pump. Spring is a rainy season, so if you have a sump pump you need to make sure that it’s working properly.
  3. Clean your gutters from all that “gunk” that has built up during the winter.
  4. Get a spring tune up on your Air Conditioning System.
  5. Try cleaning your showerhead! It may be easy to forget but build up over time can lead to your showerhead not working properly. You can simply use vinegar to get your showerhead back to new!

We hope these tips will keep you on top of your game during your spring cleaning. If you notice any plumbing, heating or air conditioning product not working in your home, reach out to Al Terry!

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