What’s That Sound?

Hearing sounds throughout your home is natural- A creaking of the door, a squeaking of stairs, or running of water through the pipes. Typically, these sounds shouldn’t be too alarming. However, there are some more prominent sounds coming from your home that could be cause for reasonable concern. Some louder noises you may be hearing from inside your walls could be the result of a problem with your plumbing system. It’s important to be able to recognize these sounds and know what to do when you hear them so they don’t haunt you in the future.



If you turn on your water and automatically hear a loud banging sound, this is called a water hammer. Water hammers can occur when a closed valve abruptly stops the rush of water through a pipe. Not only is this causing a piercing sound, it also may be damaging pipes and loosening their joints. To fix this, a plumber will need to clear the chambers and replace any damaged parts.



It’s normal for pipes to shake when water is running through them. However, if the sound is loud enough for you to notice, something may be amiss. The mounting straps in your pipes have most likely loosened, making your pipers less secure than they should be. This can be fixed by simply tightening the straps, or replacing the parts.



If you’re hearing a gurgling sound coming from your drain, it may be the result of a clog that is blocking water from running smoothly down the drain. If this is happening everytime water is running through your drains, there may be an issue with the vents. Drains needs to be vented in order to prevent air bubbles, causing the gurgling sound throughout your home. Replacing your drains is the simple solution to this problem.



If you’re hearing a spooky, high-pitched screech when you turn on your sink before the water comes out, there may be a loose or defective part in the faucet. The easiest way to fix this problem would be to replace the faucet itself.


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