When Do I Need Drain Cleaning?

The drains in your home are extremely important. They are the middle man between your plumbing and sewer system. To make sure that your home’s plumbing and sewer system continue to work properly, it’s key that your drain stays in tip-top shape. To ensure that your draining system is working at the highest level, we suggest scheduling a drain service cleaning once a year. Below are a few signs that you need to facilitate this scheduling and clean your drains sooner.


After time, food and waste can build up in your drain, especially in your kitchen sinks. If you notice a bad smell, you should immediately schedule a drain cleaning. If you notice a drain problem that comes out of every drain, this can possibly indicate that there a more serious problem stemming from the sewer system itself. More serious plumbing services will be needed to solve this problem.

Drainage Speed:

People often believe that a clogged drain is a sudden thing. All they notice is one day the drain works perfectly, and the next day, the sink takes a while drain. What actually happens is that slowly but surely, waste sticks to the walls of the pipe. If you notice that water is taking too long to drain, it’s time to schedule a drain cleaning.

Everyone can stay on top of common plumbing problems. For more tips, read one of our latest blogs on new years resolutions for plumbing.

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